For the full list of wiki rules, please go here.

This is the full list of rules for the Galaxy on Fire Wiki's FanFiction section. Please read them carefully. Punishments will follow the offense system unless a Commander says otherwise. When you are done reading click here to go back to the FanFiction Category Page.

General Rules

  1. No Innapropriate Content. This includes heavy languge and adult themes. This game is not 18+, so just use common sense and you should be fine. We are aware the game uses some swear words, but don't cross the line. We don't want to be janitors of this.
  2. Keep it Civil. No Vandalism. We don't want riots starting out about something as stupid as one person's fanfiction being allegedly better than another's. We will take necessary action if vandalism or trolling is spotted.
  3. Constructive Criticism Only. Try to not just say 'oh, this was horrible' or 'you suck at making fanfictions'. Be nice! You can say what you don't like about it but don't be a jerk. In fact, you could tell them what they can do to get better!

Creating a FanFiction

  1. Put FanFic: in front of your page title. We need the system to know that it is a fanfiction and not an official article.
  2. Add the FanFiction Category to your page. Nobody's going to notice you if you don't submit it with the others.
  3. If you are creating multiple FanFictions with the same topic, use a Tabber system. This is to prevent too much clutter from being put onto the general category; it's too much. If you want to make your username the title, you can use the Tabber system to put all of your FanFiction on one page. If you need to learn about Tabbers please contact one of us.


  1. FanFiction pages should NOT be integrated with our general category system. There will be five FanFiction categories: Weapons, Ships, Equipment, Commodities, and DLC/Add-Ons. They will be marked for FanFiction pages and should not include official articles.
  2. Requests for other FanFiction categories will be reviewed. We know that these categories will not be enough. However, we need to maintain organization. If you want to create a category, don't do it yourself. Let us review it so that we know it's there.

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