"Caution! Extreme mode is intended for experienced players who have already completed the game and are seeking a new challenge." - Warning Dialogue Box

Extreme difficulty is a game mode in Galaxy on Fire 2, and has altered game mechanics than Normal, Hard, and the now-obselete Easy difficulties. The changes to the game mode are as follows:

  • Hitting a target required more precision in aiming
  • The fuller your cargo hold is, the lower the handling of your ship will be
  • Neutral factions will become hostile quicker if fired upon by the player (not wingmen), thus your reputation is much more vunerable
  • Credits are no longer rewarded for earning medals
  • The Khador Drive requires 2 energy cells for each jump, and adds two the further away a system is
  • Ore (as well as cores) is not availbale in the hangar
  • Bribes are much more expensive (regular bribes are ~2000$, while extreme bribes are upward of 25k$)
  • Wingmen are more expensive to hire also
  • A 10% security fee is required to accept a Space Lounge mission (like a deposit)
  • Secure systems are susceptible to Pirate attacks (except Wolf-ReiserBeidan and Kaamo after it is purchased)
  • Pirates and hostile facitons appear in huge numbers during attacks
  • Bombs will damage your ship if they are ignited too close to you
  • Aborting a mining session means only half of what you mined can be yeilded
  • Goods are no longer avilable in large quanities in shops or from freighters
  • The opening cutscene is not skippable

Despite extreme mode being as its name suggests, it is very possible to complete the game with zero deaths.

User Mk.558 from the DSFishlabs forum completed the base game in extrme mode with only a Wasp, after the Betty missions (Missions 1-6). The forum post can be found here .

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