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Erkkt Uggut
Erkkt Uggut











Erkkt Uggut is a commander of the Vossk Empire and a part of the Uggut Clan. Uggut piloted the Vossk Freighter loaded with Nivelian explosives which ultimately destroyed the Void mothership. He was pronounced dead after his freighter crash landed onto the Void mothership and convinced Keith T. Maxwell, who was assigned to guard him on the suicide mission, to shoot the freighter, causing it to explode. Within the Vossk Empire, Uggut was solely credited for the defeat of the Voids.


  • While Uggut's first name was spelled "Errkt" with two r's in the initial dialogues, it was spelled "Erkkt" with two k's in the scrolling news after the end of the campaign as of version 1.0.3. A similar mishap is when Brent Snocom is telling Keith about the plan to defeat the Voids, "Errkt" is spelled "Urrkt".
  • He was raised as a pilot soldier, but was soon removed from active duty and deployed as a pilot instructor, much to his displeasure. As an instructor, he was notorious for being very strict and cruel, and his students feared him more than their enemies.
  • He has a relative named Forrax Uggut who wants to be a pirate. This is strange since Errkt Uggut is very loyal to the Vossk Empire.
  • Glitch: When destroyed, the Vossk Freighter Erkkt pilots becomes a Terran Freighter.


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