Emergency System
Emergency system 250
Emergency System Module


Emergency System

Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 6,860$ (Suteo)
-> 8,160$ (Wolf-Reiser)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This Emergency system creates a temporary impenetrable shield around the ship as soon as it reaches a critical level of damage. After the activation, the module becomes unusable and has to be bought again. The Galactic Tourist Agency is considering the introduction of a law that obligates all cruise ship companies to install these on their vessels.


The Emergency System Module is only available if the Valkyrie add-on has been purchased and installed.

At least one Emergency System is required for the Grave Riser orange medal. This medal comes with the Supernova update and does not require the Supernova add-on to achieve it.

The emergency system can be really useful when you are over-whelmed by enemies, and your shield and armour bars are nearly depleted. It buys you a few seconds to cloak or boost away from the combat area or to just reach a space station and escape your enemies. 


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