Doni Trillyx
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Dead (if bounty collected)


Galaxy on Fire 2

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Doni Trillyx is the twin-brother of the notorious criminal Noid Trillyx. After they had successfully pulled off a couple of scams together, the brothers decided to go separate ways in the future. Always a tad less lucky than his brother, Noid was caught by the authorities rather quickly and currently serves a lengthy prison sentence on L'ikirr. Doni, on the other hand, went on to sell fake blueprints on the black market. The construction of a supposedly ground-breaking compression unit on the basis of one of Doni's fake blueprints send a total of 14 members of the Mido-Alliance to their graves and another dozen to the critical care unit. Doni's completely made-up indications of quanity lead to a fatal chemical reaction that caused a devastating explosion in the course of which the whole production block was removed from the hangar of Kallsta Omba station. If Doni should ever offer you a blueprint, don't buy it under any circumstances! Instead, of making a purchase, just grab your gun and kill the seller!


  • Doni Trillyx is the 4th criminal on the Midorian Most Wanted board.
  • His bounty is $100,000

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