Disruptor Laser
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Known Price Range

-> 313,257$ (Suteo)
-> 387,090$ (Vulpes)

Loma Price


The Disruptor Laser is a pulsed laser with a very high rate of fire. This was introduced in Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie as a free blueprint.

Info Page DescriptionEdit

The high effectiveness of the disruptor laser can be attributed to the use of artificially grown crystals that have a high optical density. The expensive lens is designed to achieve a wavelength of exactly 438.511nm, which corresponds to the resonance frequency of modern shield systems and therefore destabilizes them.


  • This weapon was created by Khador's friend Netor.
  • The high attack speed (short reload time) and decent amount of damage per hit make it one of the best weapons in close fights.
  • It is a good idea to attach a Nirai Overdrive for an increased firing rate.
  • According to the in-game description, the Disruptor laser destabilizes shields, but the enemies the player fights technically don't have any shields.
  • The best ships to use with a Disruptor Laser is the Kinzer RS or the VoidX because the ships have primary weapon slotsso near to each other, that it's more likely to score more hits on targets the more DLs used.


The blueprint for the Disruptor Laser is given to Keith during the events of the Valkyrie add-on, and is produced from the following:


  • The Disruptor Laser is one of the best weapons to build and resell. The best strategy for doing this is stockpiling materials on Kaamo Station.
  • The wavelength of 438.511 nanometers corresponds to a vibrant blue colour, between hexadecimal values #0500FF and #0200FF.
  • The projectile of this laser looks exactly the same and has the exact same damage as the Berger Retribution
  • If you look closely at this weapons specifications it shares many of the same values with other weapons. It has the same rate of fire as the Gram Blaster, the same Damage as the Berger Retribution and the same range as the M6 A4 "Raccoon".
  • The Disruptor Lasers usage of crystals as a lens is very similar to the Omega from GOF1 which also uses a crystal lens but is not refrenced to have any shield-piercing effects.
  • The Disruptor Lazer is the best laser to use , Even in the Supernova Add-on.
  • Despite Maxwell being tasked by Netor to obtain the Void Essence, it is not used and Maxwell gets to keep the Void Essence.