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Dephase EMP
Weapon dephase emp 250
Dephase EMP Missile



Tech Level




EMP damage


Loading speed






Known Price Range

-> 238$ (Magnetar)
-> 281$ (Pan)

The Dephase EMP is a high-performance missile able to track targets to deal both shield and EMP damage.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The DEPHASE guided missile causes heavy damage and has the additional effect of generating an electromagnetic pulse that disables its target. The DEPHASE rocket is expensive, cramming two decades-worth of technological achievements into a beautiful shell. So beautiful in fact, that it is used by some manufacturers to decorate their lobbies.


Two decades of advanced technology has produced a very deadly missile.

Within two hits of this missile, non-freighter ships will have received enough EMP damage to be rendered immobile with significant shield damage. The DEPHASE, like other missiles, is able to strike a selected target within its 11.8 kilometer range with the help of a scanner. However, if a missile is mid-flight and the scanner locks onto a different target, it will redirect itself to hit that target.


  • Because "DEPHASE" is in all capital letters, it can be assumed that it is an acronym for a much longer name. That name is never revealed.
  • The description states it costs a lot though it only costs around 250 credits in-game. This may be because of the extensive research put into it.
  • According to Merriam-Webster, dephasing is an electrical term meaning "to put out of phase, as two parts of a single alternating current", possibly explaining its use as an EMP mssile too.


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