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Kothar station.


Thynome station.

Deep Science is a Terran organization dedicated to study and research concerning the Voids. After the Valkyrie update it is revealed that Deep Science is researching and producing ships with integrated Khador Drives like the Cronus. Its headquarters is located in the orbit of Kothar, in the Beidan System which can only be accessed by a Khador Drive, while Thynome, in the system, became Keith T. Maxwell's home for a while.

Deep Science's primary scientist and leader is assumed to be Carla Paolini; she becomes the love interest of Keith T. Maxwell.

Both the Deep Science stations have their own unique soundtrack. This was not the case before the Supernova expansion as they had the normal Terrran sound track.


Deep Science holds these stations as research bases:

  • Thynome
    • This station primarily serves as a resarch station of the Voids. The VoidX can be bought for around 8 million only at this station.
  • Kothar
    • This station is the current HQ and the ships factory. Deep Science ships can be bought only at this station. This station is sometimes called the "iStation", poking fun at its resemblance to Apple products with the white and overall sleek theme. It says DEEP SCIENCE on the right side of the station.

Notable MembersEdit


These ships are added in the Valkyrie-add on, and are purchaseable after one has finished the storyline. They come with an intergrated Khador Drive.





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