D-iol Armor Plating 250
D'iol Armor Plating



Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 41,530$ (Ni'mrrod)
-> 51,449$ (Eanya)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 105,559$ (Ni'mrrod)
-> 119,931$ (Ginoya)

D'iol armor improves the defense of a ship.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Vossk-armor is considered the best of its kind in the known Universe and no other race has managed to successfully reproduce it. The D'iol armor is being used more and more often by engineers in the Terran fleet.


Armor plating works by adding an extra layer of protection to a ship it is installed on. A ship may only be fitted with one kind of armor plating. The D'iol adds 160 points of protection to the armor points a ship already has.

When leaving a space station with armor on, the hull damage bar on the top left of the HUD will turn from red to yellow, indicating that armor had been installed. Any damage inflicted to the ship will strike the armor first until depleted, with the yellow bar growing smaller to reveal the red bar it covered. This damage cannot be recovered unless a pilot has installed a repair bot on his or her ship or until he or she has docked at a space station.

If players have not found blueprints for an even stronger armor, yet, the D'iol is the best it can get as armor plating goes. The price for its performance can make even the most timid players feel just a little more confident against large groups of enemies. Every little increase in defense helps, and this could be considered a reward for regularly undertaking freelance missions and withstanding tons of enemy fire with weaker defenses.


  • According to its description, the T'Suum's casing is made with D'iol armor.
  • The D'iol is the best armor available if the T'yol's blueprint has not yet been found.
  • 2 D'iol armour plating can be looted by destroying pirate's hideout at Bosmeh orbit , Weymire system. This process cannot be repeated as pirate's hideout will be eradicated forever in the orbit after have been destroyed.