Cornelius Tenner
Cornelius Tenner






Terran, Pirates and Void






Alice's lackey and devotee, Cornelius Tenner is a hard talking and humourless brute that's all business. He doesn't like Maxwell, in fact he doesn't like anyone besides his employer and mistress, who barks at him impatiently, and yet he responds like a frightened puppy at her orders.

Whether it is a kind of love, the reasons for his devotion are not yet known. He was a wayward lout who did the boxing and arm-wrestling circuits to earn his creds, until he had both his arms ripped off in his first match against an octopod. His medical bills for re-attachment surgery had him crippled, and so he took to smuggling to pay them off. It is during this period he first came in contact with Alice, who hired him as an above-standard goon, competent if only for being coherent.

Cornelius Tenner has little fear of Vossk or Voids, but has endless concern of the wrath of his employer.


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Half void-half Terran

Cornelius Tenner was the assistant of Alice and worked on board Valkyrie Station. He met with Keith T. Maxwell on Kanado at the begining of the Valkyrie storyline. Cornelius Tenner can be found talking to Alice while they are stuck in Void space. His nickname, given to him by Keith is 'Corny'. Alice transforms Corny into a Void-like creature at the end of Supernova. After his half-transformation into the Void, he gained knowledge of Voids language and was used by Alice as a translator of her demands. Later he was taken to Deep Science laboratories.

Despite being brutal and menacing to everyone else, Cornelius was completely submissive to Alice, doing anything she commanded him to.


  • Cornelius lacks a sense of humour.
  • He was a decent boxer and arm-wrestler until he had both his arms ripped off in his first arm-wrestling match against an octopod.
  • He piloted a Taipan during Valkyrie.
  • His last name is British slang for a 10-pound note.