K'mirkk Hangar 5

There are many goods available in the GoF2 universe, and they sell for a variety of prices. Here is a (somewhat) complete list of their lowest and highest known prices. 

Note: If the Valkyrie add-on has been purchased, giving you access to Loma, then Loma will almost always pay more than any other system.


-Basic Food (5$ in Magnetar, 19$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Biowaste (6$ in Magnetar, 16$ in Mido)

-Digital Watch (4$ in Vulpes, 102$ in Eanya)

-Drinking Water (9$ in Magnetar, 63$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Drugs (19$ in Augmenta, 417$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Medical Supplies (49$ in Suteo, 251$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Space Waste (4$ in Mido, 8$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Towels (4$ in Aquila, 210$ in Pan)


-Chemicals (29$ in Weymire, 196$ Ni'mrrod)

-Com. Devices (72$ in Nesla, 241$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Energy Cells (549$ in Behén, 712$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Electronics (48$ in S'kolptorr, 189$ in Eanya)

-Explosives (152$ in Mido, 417$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Hydraulics (54$ in Pan, 125$ in Wolf-Reiser)

-Mechanical Supplies (57$ in K'ontrr, 210$ in Eanya)

-Microchips (14$ in Nesla, 83$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Nanotech (143$ in Suteo, 417$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Noble Gas (171$ in Vulpes, 208$ in Eanya)

-Optics (48$ in Magnetar, 189$ in Pan)

-Plastics (14$ in Prospero, 189$ in Pan)

-Radioactive Goods (86$ in Aquila, 315$ in Pan)


-Alien Remains (190$ in Union, 208$ in Eanya)

-Artifacts (733$ in Y'mirr, 2,090$ in Eanya)

-Buskat (8,559$ in K'ontrr, 12,517$ in Eanya)

-Collectible Figure (9$ in Ni'mrrod, 10,239$ in Eanya)

-Implants (4,866$ in Wolf-Reiser, 9,410$ in Pan)

-Luxury (432$ in Buntta, 1,575$ in Beidan)

-Organs (3,910$ in Pan, 6,290$ in Beidan)

-Premium Food (29$ in Magnetar, 273$ in Pan)

-Rare Animals (2,297$ in Prospero, 3,560$ in Pan)

-Rare Plants (1,712$ in Union, 5,198$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Vossk Organs (18,170$ in Pescal Inartu, 26,946$ in Aquila)


-Blue Plasma (Unconfirmed)

-Green Plasma (42$ in Mido, 61$ in Aquila)

-Purple Plasma (Unconfirmed)

-Red Plasma (Unconfirmed)


-Cesogen Ore (42$ in Augmenta, 83$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Doxtrite Ore (34$ in Vulpes, 61$ in Eanya)

-Gold Ore (76$ in Weymire, 105$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Hypanium Ore (76$ in S'kolptorr, 94$ in Eanya)

-Iron Ore (9$ in Suteo, 42$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Novanium Ore (Uncomfirmed)

-Orichalzine Ore (118$ in Aquila, 173$ in Pan)

-Perrius Ore (37$ in Magnetar, 77$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Pyresium Ore (77$ in Eanya, 126$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Sodil Ore (67$ in Pescal Inartu, 114$ in Mido)

-Titanium Ore (144$ in Ni'mrrod, 207$ in Eanya)

-Void Crystals (380$ in Buntta, 420$ in V'ikka)


-Cesogen Core (Unconfirmed)

-Doxtrit Core (Unconfirmed)

-Golden Core (Unconfirmed)

-Hypanium Core (Unconfirmed)

-Iron Core (Unconfirmed)

-Novanium Core (Unconfirmed)

-Orichalzin Core (Unconfirmed)

-Perrius Core (Unconfirmed)

-Pyresium Core (Unconfirmed)

-Sodil Core (Unconfirmed)

-Titanium Core (Unconfirmed)

-Void Essence (4,750$ in V'ikka, 5,247$ in Aquila)


-Aquila Cocktail (304$ in Aquila, 677$ in Pan)

-Augmenta Fizz (977$ in Augmenta, 1,839$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Behén Wine (756$ in Behén, 1,679$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Buntta Apéritif (248$ in Buntta, 329$ in Beidan)

-Eanya Tonic (202$ in Eanya, 405$ in Ni'mrrod)

-K'ontrr Dishwater (550$ in K'ontrr, 973$ in Eanya)

-Magnetar Juice (251$ in Magnetar, 509$ in Pan)

-Mido Distillate (432$ in Mido, 677$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Nesla Brandy (246$ in Nesla, 348$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Ni'mrrod Muck (485$ in Ni'mrrod, 874$ in Eanya)

-Oom'bak Gin (110$ in Oom'bak, 217$ in Eanya)

-Pan Whiskey (466$ in Pan, 661$ in Aquila)

-Pescal Inartu Brew (671$ in Pescal Inartu, 1,383$ in Aquila)

-Prospero Flip (250$ in Prospero, 390$ in Pan)

-S'kolptorr Rum (233$ in S'kloptorr, 487$ in Eanya)

-Suteo Liqueur (135$ in Suteo, 204$ in Wolf-Reiser)

-Union Draught (100$ in Union, 186$ in Pan and Pescal Inartu)

-V'ikka Moonshine (226$ in V'ikka, 336$ in Eanya)

-Vulpes Soup (379$ in Vulpes, 563$ in Eanya)

-Weymire Punch (839$ in Weymire, 1,761$ in Ni'mrrod)

-Wolf-Reiser Brandy (95$ in Wolf-Reiser, 212$ in Pan)

-Y'mirr Schnapps (85$ in Y'mirr, 215$ in Eanya)


  • A strange thing is that Collectible Figures cost only 9$ at Ni'mrrod.
  • Loma's prices are even higher than those listed.

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