Collectible Figure
Commodity collectible figure 250
Keith T. Maxwell Collectible Figure



Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 9$ (Ni'mrrod)
-> 10,239$ (Eanya)

Collectible Figure is a commodity in Galaxy on Fire 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A statue with a familiar face. Everyone should have one of these figures.


  • According to the Galaxy on Fire website, the figure also has a string on it's back, that, when pulled, says quotes such as:
    • "Take me home if you need a cure for that sleeping problem of yours..."
    • "Did I ever tell you I was a cunning linguist?"
    • "Don't worry, I won't bite... unless you want me to."
    • "I'd wrestle a Rhinocitroll just for you..."
  • Amusingly enough, these are insanely cheap in the Ni'mrrod system, costing as low as 9$.


  • Collectible figures are extremely rare items that can also be bought for a high price from vendors in Space Lounges that appear at random. They do not appear to have any use.
  • Collectible Figures can be extremely profitable. Their minimum price is 1$ (cheaper than space junk), and their maximum is 10,500$.
  • They are found randomly and their prices vary a lot.
  • Sell these at Eanya or Loma as the can sell up to $10,000 or more at these systems.
  • The further south one goes on the map, the cheaper they are, and vice-versa.
  • Collectible Figures could be bought early into the game however they are rare but this raises the question of when, who and why Keith has collectible figures when he is practically unknown in GOF2 with the exclusion of GOF1 characters who recognize him and when the campaign is completed
  • Interestingly Ni'mrrod is selling these expensive figures for just 9$ where as in other systems just 1 of these figures sell for thosands of credits this could mean that the Vossks there either have lots of these or (more likely) they don't like Keith as he is a terran