Weapons systems

4 (Laser, Plasma, Photon, Missile)



Cargo Hold




This modified gunship has a respectable arsenal of weapons systems and a spacious cargo hold. One disadvantage is its rather average hull armor and moderate maneuverability...

Characteristics Edit

The Centaur is a very good ship with it's strong armor and powerful weapons the Centaur is ideal for many combat situations. Due to it's diversity in terms of weapon types the Centaur is like other Terran ships in that it is very flexible. All ranges of combat are covered and with its diverse arsenal the Centaur is a capable ship in many combat situations, and the strong armor will allow this gunship to last during long or difficult missions, especially if you own the Titan or Atlas shield. The main drawback of the Centaur is it suffers from reduced mobility and thus can not maneuver very well. Overall, the Centaur is a very solid, well rounded ship and is practical for many uses.


  • Doc piloted a Centaur.
  • Bloodstar's design was based on a Centaur.
  • The similarities between Centaur and Bloodstar are evident in the hull and wings
  • Despite what the description says, the Centaur's armor is stronger than the Zephyr which is described as "heavily armored".


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