Telta Quickscan

Scanners allow pilots to detect and identify objects in space and display information about them such as type, distance, faction or status. Employed in conjunction with a tractor beam, scanners allow for the retrieval of goods from downed ships.

By speeding up the lock-on process, scanners improve the speed at which one can travel between the planets in a star system. The ability to lock onto a target, is also beneficial when firing certain types of thermal fusion weapons or missiles.

Scanners at any level, will give the users the IFF of all ships in a system. The ships will be designated red for enemies, yellow for neutrals and green for allies. The color is determined based on the status of the pilot's relation with a faction. Note: While a tractor on one's ship is collecting cargo, the ship's scanner won't scan anything until the tractor beam stops.

Scanner Tech
to lock
Show Class
A asteroids?
Telta Quickscan 2 4000 ms No No 2,191 2,438
Telta Ecoscan 3 3000 ms No Yes 7,608 8,647
Hiroto Proscan 6 1800 ms No Yes 32,668 38,955
Hiroto Ultrascan 7 1800 ms Yes Yes 84,269 95,309

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