In the Galaxy on Fire 2 universe, the Terran AMR company is the primary producer of weapons of mass destruction.

However, this was not the case. AMR had successfully sold timekeeping devices (among other things) from half a century ago until recently, when they began to produce an unspecified kind of digital watch as part of a retro trend, according to the commodity's info page. Those retro watches were the company's biggest flop because they used an outdated 24-hour timekeeping system the Terrans used, making them practically useless as the galaxy uses stellar unit time.

AMR then turned to weapons of mass destruction, eventually developing the weapons available in Galaxy on Fire 2:

  • The AMR Tormentor, an affordable entry-level bomb for pilots that have never used one before
  • The AMR Oppressor, the standard for nuclear bombs in this part of the galaxy
  • The AMR Extinctor, a weapon so powerful, its production was banned by military law and can only be obtained from blueprints being sold in the black market
  • The AMR Saber, a once-popular mine whose usage is decreasing since the development of automatic turrets
  • The Shesha, a cluster missile that fires in groups of three
  • The Garuda-IV, a cluster missile that fires in groups of five
  • The Patala, a cluster missile that also fires in groups of five, but only a certain Bobolian sells it.

The decision to produce these weapons was a lucrative one, and the company will not be returning to timekeeping anytime soon, despite their retro watches still in the markets in this part of the galaxy.