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Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 8,559$ (K'ontrr)
-> 12,517$ (Eanya)

In-Game Description

Buskat is the remnant of an imploded star and therefore extremely rare and expensive. The wives of various luxury obsessed dictators, known for their extravagance, often use it on special occasions as a spice or narcotic.


50t Buskat are required to buy the Kaamo Club from Mkkt Bkkt if you decide not to pay 1,59€ ($1.99) for it through the App Store.


Buskat normally is quite common especially before you save Mkkt Bkkt from the pirates. Once you save Mktt Bktt from the pirates the game sets a few triggers on to make buskat more rare. It is recommended that you save up buskat before rescuing Mkkt Bkkt.


Buskat is very hard to find in Galaxy on Fire. It appears randomly in space stations and in the possession of other pilots, but in rather small amounts. Merchants in space lounges also trade it, but they buy more and sell less. Buskat often appears at Sao Perula in the Loma system.


  • Buskat is apparently used as a spice or a narcotic but this is strange as it is a remnant of a exploded star which most likely isn't edible, probably because stars themselves are not very solid (they are made of gas), and their remnants may never be.
  • Buskat looks similar to sand or dirt.

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