Brillo Lampeter
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Brillo Lampeter






Deep Science




Galaxy on Fire 2

Like many other Bobolians, Brillo Lampeter left his home turf at a rather young age, seeking fame and fortune beyond the final frontier. Despite him never having seen a lecture hall from the insight, his distinctive social skills and exceptional eloquence ensured him that he had everything it takes to pursue a career as a self-proclaimed shrink. Over the years, he build up quite a reputation and gathered a respectable clientele, mostly by picking up discontent drunks in space lounges and lending them an open ear when no one else would listen to them. And that is also how he first got to know his friend and benefactor Thadelonius Moonsprocket. Right from the start, Brillo proofed to be exceptionally good at unravelling the spaced-out professor’s mindless babbling and drunken drivel and hence the former offered the latter a long term-contract as his personal assistant, interpreter and headshrinker.

Today, Brillo Lampeter acts as somewhat of a Dr. Watson to Moonsprocket’s Holmes, conferring on the professor’s theories and clarifying them for others. With his sharpened tongue, ironic sense of humour and eagerness to have the last word, Brillo Lampeter is always good for a laugh and a little bit of comic relief – no matter how bleak the situation might look around like.

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Brillo has the Honour of saying the Final Dialog in GOF2...