Bosméh is a Nivelian planet in the Weymire system with a tech level 7 station. The Weymire system has the lowest price for Chemicals, which can be bought here in great quantities.

Planet Hypothesis Edit

The station is not very special with a classic Nivelian design though, it sports a very nice blue planet that it orbits around, concluded to be made out of water, and a thick atmosphere. The planet is most likely oxygen based on the fact that it is the third planet in orbit. It is probably remaining at a normal temperatures, estimated at 20-30°C. There are no polar caps concluding that the planet gets very good distribution of heat and most likely has microbial and sea life.

Trivia Edit

  • Until the player destroy the pirate outpost which is hidden in the orbit of Bosméh, the security supervisor will not let the player dock at the station.

  • This planet looks exactly like Sorox

Ores Edit

Bosméh is home to Cesogen, Gold, IronPerrius and Pyresium