Booze consists of all alcoholic beverages seen in Galaxy on Fire 2. They vary widely in price, and are always cheapest at the system of their origin. They are most useful in the early-to-mid game for profitable trading.

All booze are Tech Level 1 commodities, so it is possible to find them on any station. It is however, almost more common to find them in the cargo holds of other ships, especially those belonging to pirates.


Alcoholic beverages always sell well; each beverage is named after the system where its produced in, where its price is lowest and where it is normally most available.  The further a system is away from the named system, the higher the price tends to be.

Image Beverage Named
Highest Sale
Price at System
Booze aquila cocktail 75
Aquila Cocktail 304 684 Her Jaza 680
Booze augmenta fizz 75
Augmenta Fizz 977 1,839 Ni'mrrod 1,846
Booze behen wine 75
Behén Wine 756 1,698 Ni'mrrod 1,705
Booze buntta aperitif 75
Buntta Apéritif 248 329 Beidan 329
Booze eanya tonic 75
Eanya Tonic 202 405 Ni'mrrod 407
Booze k-ontrr dishwater 75
K'ontrr Dishwater 550 973 Eanya 977
Booze magnetar juice 75
Magnetar Juice 251 509 Pan 511
Booze mido distillate 75
Mido Distillate 431 683 Ni'mrrod 701
Booze nesla brandy 75
Nesla Brandy 246 348 Ni'mrrod 353
Booze ni-mrrod muck 75
Ni'mrrod Muck 485 874 Eanya 876
Booze oom-bak gin 75
Oom'bak Gin 110 217 Eanya 218
Booze pan whiskey 75
Pan Whiskey 466 661 Aquila 667
Booze pescal inartu brew 75
Pescal Inartu Brew 671 1,384 Mido 1,384
Booze prospero flip 75
Prospero Flip 250 390 Pan 392
Booze s-kolptorr rum 75
S'kolptorr Rum 233 487 Eanya 503
Booze suteo liqueur 75
Suteo Liqueur 135 204 Wolf-Reiser 204
Booze union draught 75
Union Draught 100 186 Pan
Pescal Inartu
Booze v-ikka moonshine 75
V'ikka Moonshine 226 336 Eanya 338
Booze vulpes soup 75
Vulpes Soup 379 563 Eanya563
Booze weymire punch 75
Weymire Punch 839 1,761 Ni'mrrod 1,762
Booze wolf-reiser brandy 75
Wolf-Reiser Brandy 95 212 Pan 212
Booze y-mirr schnapps 75
Y'mirr Schnapps 85 215 Eanya 215


  • None of the newly introduced systems in the Valkyrie or Supernova DLCs have their own type of booze.
  • Vulpes has a soup as its alcoholic beverage although soup isn't normally classified as alcohol.
  • M'Kali Slime is mentioned by Mkkt Bkkt, but is not avaliable in-game, and is never mentioned again.
  • K'ontrr's alcohol beverage is Dishwater, which is clearly not alcoholic.
  • Augmenta Fizz is the most expensive alcohol... and it looks like soda

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