A typical Bobolian


Bobolian from GOF1


A Bobolian at a Terran space lounge.

The Bobolians are a slug-like species.


Even though they have a comical name, most Bobolians are actually quite unfriendly. Due to reasons uncomprehensible to other species, Bobolians are the only species who strictly enforce public nudity. Bobolians are extremely allergic to salt.


Not much is known about Bobolian history; except they once fought a war against the Octopods.


  • Only one Bobolian appeared in GoF1, Noid Trillyx.
  • There are no Bobolian-built ships that appear in GoF1 or GoF2. When Bobolian wingmen are hired in GoF2, they are shown piloting pirate ships.
  • They appear similar to slugs, showing their allergy for salt.
  • The word "Bobo" means "idiot" in Filipino.

Notable BobliansEdit

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