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The Bloodstar is a ship in Galaxy on Fire 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


The flying fortress of the wanted criminal Qyrr Myfft is the titanium-plated dream of every fighter pilot. With extremely powerful weapons, lots of cargo space, above average armor and a turret pod, it is a true colossus of a vessel and one of the most destructive vessels in the entire galaxy!


It is returned in a special pack which you can buy with Glow.  It is a rather low level ship and is easily outclassed later in the game. It loses all of its original sporting colors and is a more brownish color.  It was owned by Keith T. Maxwell before he disappeared in the Neox sector while piloting it.

Upgraded Statistics (GoF2)Edit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 500 2,673,000 5,346,000
Handling 108 2,673,000 5,346,000
Equipment 15 5,346,000 10,692,000
Cargo 210 4,009,500 8,019,000

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge.

Characteristics Edit

The Bloodstar has 14 equipment slots, 4 primary weapons slots, 4 secondary weapons slots as well as a turret slot. The cargo capacity (180t) is large enough to trade, even without cargo compressors . The armor of this ship (460pts) is capable of withstanding most attacks.

The Bloodstar is one of the most powerful and expensive ships post-Supernova, being rivaled by Teneta R.E.D. and the Specter. The Teneta R.E.D. surpasses Bloodstar in terms of price, armor and handling, though it lacks one equipment slot, two secondary weapon slots and has less cargo space. The Specter has more equipment slots, better armor and handling, but it lacks two less secondary weapon slots, less cargo space, has a high price, and no turret slot.


  • The Bloodstar bears the Terran emblem from Galaxy on Fire 3D, which signifies that Qyrr Myfft did not build this ship but rather stole or captured it from the Terrans. An earlier model of the ship instead used a symbol similar to the USSR's emblem (see dev diary), but was taken out later as given in the dev diary.
  • There is a turret on top of Qyrr Myfft's Bloodstar.
  • It's the second most expensive ship of GoF2, behind the Specter. However, it probably is more 'value-for-money' than the Spectre, which costs over twice as much on most versions and is quite neck-and-neck with the Bloodstar.
  • It has "T-007AR" inscriptions on the sides of its body and "HEAT" inscriptions at the Primary weapon slots.
  • Another clue of it been stolen is having the code "T-007AR" in which the "T" could stand for "Terran", just like the "T-A05" on the Terran Battle Cruiser.
  • The Bloodstar is the most expensive ship according to the GuideBook App, as it states the normal price is approx $13,000,000 and the Specter is worth $9,500,000. This is incorrect in game, however.
  • This ship's design is based on Centaur.
  • This ship is the only most wanted ship that could be obtained before the end of the Supernova, therefore, making it more effective than the well-known expensive Specter.
  • The Bloodstar has a drastically more expensive price than other most wanted ships.

Qyrr Myfft's Bloodstar Edit

The turret on Qyrr Myfft's Bloodstar is a twin-barreled turret which shoots small yellow energy lasers at the player. Despite the similar design concept, its appearance is entirely different from the Hammerhead D2A2. This turret doesn't do much damage, even in Extreme difficulty. Qyrr Myfft's Bloodstar can also fire three unguided rockets during a five-second burst, which is easily capable of shredding a player's shields and armor to a mere fraction of their original levels.

Once you kill the Octopod pilot Qyrr Myfft, this Most Wanted ship will become available for purchase at Loma, Quineros station.


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