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The Black Guard (also known as Stealth Fighters due to the ships they are using) was a faction introduced in Supernova. Mentioned by Fishlabs as "an extremist Nivelian faction that wants to stop the Midorian secession." They are the ones that fly the Specters throughout the storyline. They are led by Trunt Harval and their symbol can be found on the outside of both the Specter and the Scimitar as well as the Ghost. Their symbol is that of the Abyss engine, the engine Galaxy on Fire uses to run.


  • The Black Guard doesn't have a system in which they are based, kind of like the pirates. The closest that they come is Paréah, the capital of the Nivelian Republic .
  • The Black Guard were the first ones to use Dark Matter Lasers, and the only NPCs to use them.
  • Despite using Dark Matter Lasers, they don't seem to do more damage compared to pirates.
  • During the Supernova campaign, they can be sometimes found outside of missions, attacking Vossk, Terrans, and Midorians.
  • Despite being Nivelian, they can sometimes be found attacking Nivelian stations, probably to avoid suspicion.
  • They can be encountered in systems marked as 'secure', including Shima and Wolf-Reiser.
  • Black Guard ships have higher health than normal pirates and can turn invisible, making them harder to deal with. However, unlike the player's ship, it is possible to attack them even if they are cloaked, and EMPs can still immobolize them.
  • If you scan them, they will be labelled as "???", this might be done to prevent too many spoilers.
  • Similar to encountering pirates, the event of encountering Black Guard ships has its own unique sound track.
  • Blackguard means a scoundrel, and Black Guard were African corps.
  • They will no longer appear once the supernova campaign is over.
  • They Black Guard symbol/logo is actually the Abyss Engine logo & the Black Guard ships (Ghost, Specter) have a skull in a "C" shaped curve with two spike diagonally down wards painted on the ship