Berger Converge IV
Weapon berger converge iv 250
Berger Converge IV Laser



Tech Level




Loading speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> 78,134$ (Buntta)
-> 88,969$ (Prospero)

Loma Price


In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Berger company introduced the Converge series of powerful laser pulse weapons to the market a few years ago. Although the technology is currently being replaced by the more powerful Blaster series, the Converge remains popular with all races.


The Converge IV is the most powerful of the Berger weapons, and an effective late-game choice for the primary weapon slots. Although it is only a barely more than half as powerful as the similarly-priced Tyrfing Blaster, it has an extremely large advantage in terms of range over the Tyrfing Blaster (about 2.5x as much range). The Converge IV gives you the same range as the weapons that the enemy carries, giving you ability to exchange fire with them evenly rather than close in. Its damage is not up to standards with its price, but its range makes up for the damage lost since you can begin firing 2.5 times earlier. The Converge IV is a slow-firing weapon though, so it is not advised for players with poor accuracy.

Footnote: this weapon is actually rather prejudiced against, since anyone who has natural snipering abilities and 4 Converges will know: if all 4 blasts hit, the opponent is killed almost immediately. Essentially, this is a cheap alternative for M6 A4 "Raccoon" in Mid-game and later on, the Dark Matter Laser with slightly greater range, speed, fire rate and much greater damage per hit( since both M6 A4 "Raccoon" and Dark Matter Laser respectively can take on any opoment in 1or 2 shot with ship fully equiped with 4 each( in Normal Difficulty, the quad M6 A4 "Raccoon" can instantly vaporize any normal fighter within 1 shot and Dark Matter Laser is double that ammount; and in the Extreme difficulty, that ammount of each shot reach Doubled up)

This weapon has a slow fire rate, yet it packs a really powerful punch.


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