Bartholomeu Drew
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Bartholomeu Drew's Most Wanted Page






Most Wanted


Dead (if bounty collected)


Galaxy on Fire 2

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Not too long ago, Bartolomeu Drew still carved out a miserable existence as an unsuccessful towel-merchant. In recent years, however, he emerged to become one of the most successful organ smugglers between Eanya and K'ontrr. But his seemingly unexhaustable stock of Bobolian eyes, Multipod tentacles and Vossk organs did not only attract potential customers. The Mido-Alliance's Security Department became suspicious and examined Batholomeu's freighter. On board they found not only several torture instruments and steel cages, but also an almost uncountable amount of body parts. Though he disappeared into the underground shortly after the incident, Bartolomeu Drew still trades organs from one remote system to another every now and then.



  • There's a slight inconsistency on the info page concerning the name of the criminal. In the Most Wanted list and the title he is called Bartholomeu, while in the description he is called Bartolomeu.

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