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Known Price Range

-> 4,466$ (Prospero)
-> 5,747$ (Pan)

The Autopacker 2 is a cargo compresor that increases a ship's available cargo space.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This module is for computerized optimization of the available cargo space, so that pilots can arrange their cargo as efficiently as possible. This method is more effective than the ZMI method, as early versions of that product were prone to destroying some goods.


Using computerized optimization, the Autopacker 2 rearranges the contents of a ship's cargo bay to increase available cargo space. In practice, this means that it adds 25% of a ship's base cargo space to its total. For example, if a ship comes with 100t of space, the addition of an Autopacker 2 increases it to 125t. The effects of compressors are additive: two increase it to 150t, three to 175t, and so on.

The performance of the Autopacker 2 is just as accessible to pilots as the ZMI Optistore. As a result, however, its performance remains as a glimpse of what more powerful compressors can do.


  • The Autopacker 2's compression method is the only one with no known instances of malfunction compared to the other compressors:
    • Early versions of the ZMI Optistore are "prone to destroying goods".
    • The Ultracompact can cause "dangerous mutations" because of its "dematerializing" method.
    • The Shrinker BT has "very few malfunctions".
    • Some users of the Rhoda Blackhole claim "some goods fail to return, and that strange artifacts from other worlds have come back in their place".
  • The Autopacker's numeric lineage indicates that it has a predecessor.
  • The Autopacker 2 description says that it optimizes the locations of goods rather than compressing them, making it the odd one out. In other words, it shows where the goods should be stored rather than compression. This may be why it has no potential malfunctions in its description.

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