This article is about the objects from the citadels in the game Galaxy on Fire: Alliances. For the commodity with the similar name, see Artefact.

Artifacts are a new item introduced for Galaxy on Fire Alliances.


The artifacts will be objects that the player can collect that will boost his/her command ship. There are the technological remanents of the Old Ones. They are used to upgrade your carriers and the ships aboard the carriers defensively, offensively, or speedily. They come in three varieties: Blue- Defensive boost, Red- Offensive Boost, and Yellow- Speed Boost. They can be gathered from citadels.


Type of Artifact Bonus Provided Mk1 Carrier Mk2 Carrier Mk3 Carrier
Red Artifact Attack to bombers & fighters

+2 Hangar space

+3 Hangar space +5 Hangar space
Blue Artifact Defense to bombers & interceptors +2 Hangar space +3 Hangar space +5 Hangar space
Yellow Artifact Increased carrier speed

+2 Hangar space

+24% Speed (Level 1)

+4% Speed (Levels 2+)

+3 Hangar space

+24% Speed (Level 1)

+4% Speed (Levels 2+)

+5 Hangar Space

+4% Speed (All levels)

Note: Confirmation on Red & Blue artifact bonus is required from the developers. There is an inconsistency between the artifact description and the displayed artifact bonus in a battle report.


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