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Alioth is the fourth planet in the Augmenta system. It is a gas giant which looks like Jupiter.

The station in Alioth's orbit is Tech level 6 and is comprised of two towers connected by a bridge of which the left tower has a docking platform.

In Galaxy on Fire 2, Keith T. Maxwell is automatically transported here after being captured by a Terran convoy in the Mido system. Here, Keith is reunited with  Brent Snocom after the 35-year jump, and encounters the Voids for the first time. The station in this planet's orbit is then the site of more conferences between Maxwell and Snocom, especially in the Supernova storyline.


Alioth is home to Cesogen, Gold, Hypanium, Iron and Perrius.


  • Alioth is the first Terran station the player docks on in GoF2.
  • The most likely reason for most of the conferences being here is this could be Brent's command center.
  • Brent may have learned about Deep Science through meeting Lieutenant Thomas Boyle after being promoted from Security Officer.
  • Alioth is probably a major Terran station/command post due to the many high-level meetings that take place here.

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