AB-1 "Retractor"
Ab-1 retractor 250
AB-1 "Retractor" Tractor Beam


Tractor Beam

Tech level




Time to lock


Known Price Range

-> 8,071$ (Aquila)
-> 8,962$ (Pan)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 153,314$(Wolf-Reiser)
-> 153,314$(Wolf-Reiser)

The AB-1 "Retractor" is a tractor beam in Galaxy on Fire 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Designed by mineralogists and perfected by pirates, the tractor beam offers the ability to pick up objects drifting in space. The Retractor is the slowest variant on the market.


When the player destroys a ship, or when an asteroid is destroyed, debris or an occasional container is left behind, respectively. However, simply running into it will not collect the object, unlike many videogames with collecting mechanics. Tractor beams do the job for the player, and can be used distance without needing to collide with the object. No other objects than loot containers and smashed asteroids can be collected or moved with any tractor beam.

The four-second lock time means that the targeting reticle needs to be focused on the container or asteroid the player wishes to collect. This is very inefficient during heavy firefights where the player wants to collect all of the loot dropped by his or her defeated enemies while attacking, since they will disappear after a few minutesspecify. On the other hand, this can be advantageous because the more-advanced "Kingfisher" and "Octopus" models, with their auto-lock functions, can interrupt targeting of enemies with the aid of a scanner, especially when operating thermal fusion weapons and missiles.

This basic model of tractor beam is great for starting out with collecting loot, though a player would need to clear an entire field of enemy ships to use it effectively. A tractor beam is required if a player wishes to undertake any freelance mission involving the retrieval of a secure cabin, secure container, or any other important items left by enemies.


Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

It seems that there's a merchant in Space Lounge selling it for 100,000$ when you visit first Thynome for the first time. You should get it because once you leave you can't find the merchant


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