The Logo for Valkyrie.

The 1.0.4 update is the second update for Galaxy on Fire 2 HD. The update was released on March 8, 2012.

New FeaturesEdit

Valkyrie HD- Buy the spectacular first add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 HD via in-app purchase and get access to tons of new content, features and missions. As a courtesy to our loyal fans you can even unlock Valkyrie HD for free, if you have the standard version of Galaxy on Fire 2 (SD) installed on your device!

Kaamo Club- Buy your own space station in the notorious Shima system and stag all kinds of illegal goods as well as additional space ships

Languages- Completely overhauled Chinese localization

Add-on Restore- New button added in the add-on menu, which enables you to restore your in-app purchases with one click after you’ve updated or re-installed the game

Bug FixesEdit

Turrent Bug- Projectiles now displayed correctly

Credits Bug- Credits can now be purchased

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